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Warm water offers ideal conditions for bacterial growth. Bacteria form a transparent to slightly brownish, slippery surface called biofilm. A whole community of bacteria and other pathogens, among them Legionella bacteria—live in the biofilm. The biofilm is extremely resistant against chlorine. DryOx is a highly effective cleaning agent that penetrates the biofilm and removes these living pathogens. As a consequence, your hot tub becomes much cleaner and safer. Each tablet generates 2g of chlorine dioxide. DryOx is 100 times more effective in the removal of biofilm than chlorine. Instructions for use: 1. Use DryOx immediately before changing the water. Do not use the hot tub during the DryOx treatment. 2. Remove soft pillows, if applicable, and disconnect any dosing systems such as chlorinator or brominator. 3. Remove and clean the cartridge filter(s). Re-insert after the DryOx treatment. 4. With a pair of scissors, cut the vacuum packed tablet open and carefully drop the tablet in to the water. Do not touch the tablet and make sure they do not get wet before added to the pool. 5. The DryOx treatment lasts 60 minutes. During the whole time, run the circulation and massage pump. Blow out the air duct system. The water will now change to a light green colour . After 60 minutes, turn the pump off and completely drain the pool. Now fill the pool with fresh water and re-insert the cartridge filters. Operate the pool normally.

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